Reelof feelings( Q- Queer is this world) - # A to z Challenge

That night when I was left alone and my tears were dried up, all I was asking myself was what did I do wrong? All of four I yearned for an answer and every time I had the opportunity, I used to ask Hakim Baba one question "Baba, look at my face and tell me what is wrong" and he would just respond "think what is right , how beautiful you are , how blessed you are to have so many people around you "and give a broad smile.

With a jolt I came back to where I was, Rose was sleeping and all night I sat right there and kept looking at her. After 15 years I had got this moment to be next to her, touch her and feel the same happiness .I got up as I heard the bell ring outside and she caught me tightly by her hand and said "Please don't leave me and go , I might lose my baby "and she fell unconscious .
The doctor said everything was normal and called me aside to check if Rose was under any stress as this was all a result of some stress that she is undergoing. After he left , I felt a little ashamed that I could not see through Rose was under any kind of stress, I was so happy and excited about her presence that I failed to notice her. She did try to tell me something twice and I brushed her away with my stories.

When I took her hand in mine , she opened her eyes and told me "Tara , why are you feeling guilty , I had left you alone and you were only filling in your friend with all that had happened "and I said "What is it Rose that is bothering you?" ,"Also , its been two days , no one had called from your house to check on you ". Rose got up and hugged me tightly and with her tears continuously flowing told me "I ran away Tara , your Rose ran away, they want me to drop this child and I don't agree to, he would end all relations with me ". I pulled her back and said "and you are telling all this to me now?""Why should you run away from your own house and why do they want you to drop this child"? . Through her sobs, I was shocked to hear what she said "for the same reason that your father had, this child within me is a girl "...... strangely I did not get angry but happy to know the reason and all I could muster to say was"Rose, How queer is this world, they decide even before a life begins"....


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