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The STAR in you.. Make it happen

How many days would I have longed to get the attention the so called ‘STAR ‘gets ... Who is this STAR... Man made difference between people- That is how I would like to put it...Through the growing years, my dusky colour has raised a lot of questions within me – again, to correct that is how the world wanted me to question. I won some battles, lost some and in the bargain earned a lot of strength from within. To this day, I can remain calm and quiet when the world outside me is trembling or for that matter is trying to shake me up. There is a strong voice that I hear every time i feel like breaking down in pain... and it only says... if you can’t face this situation then who else. I have started believing that there is a child and devil inside you who at the given opportunity strikes and guide your emotions even though you don’t want it... This I am talking is apart from the various personalities that the ‘YOU’ carries. My recent past has witnessed some huge highs and lows... I have a…