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BeBoldforchange - Be YOU!!

BeBoldforChange is the theme for IWD 2017 across the globe. My take on what is that t be be bold for change and where do I look for it? 

Where do I look For Change?
In my peaks of success or failure
Within that hidden souvenir;
Days and nights of hardwork
Smiles and laughter that always works;
Under the rain , in my pain
or simply in those wandering plains
In that shelf, in that draw
Maybe in that moment when I Withdraw
In the space I stand , in the love I share
The way you see when I glare

How Do I be bold?
In what I speak or what I know
Where is my silence in this row
At the moment or for days
Do I fight for my ways
Red is my hair , who is to care
I do look beyond all the glare
Warmth and respect are my usual suspects
Dare the devil , never my culprit

What is Bebold for change?
In you it is, in the way you feel
Tall, short , small , big, all will heal
Born to your right , where is the fright?
I got that , it is just our might
Ten little portions, or thousands of fragments
I understand , that…