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Inner circles - have you tried applying for one?

Colorful noises, silent downpours, do you know to speak activities, cold coffee, long hours of dreaming -is that the corporate world you know of? Vibrant voices, sounds of laughter, group gatherings, steaming hot cups of coffee, charged up hours of ideation - does this sound more like the place you are in.. Maybe or maybe not. In all of this what may not be different are the inner circles.

What's that now? Some sort of process that is required for a job or is it the halo that you may get once you become the SME. Neither friends yet it is much more valued than the appraisals and the money. Inner circle allows you more face time with the most key clients, gets you the invite to those dinner parties and the oh so not formal, very friendly get to gathers, gives you the so called juicy information which can make you the most sought after person. Oh yes, it comes free with an invisible chip on the shoulder- did you expect more?

Gaining an entry to it does not require great degrees like…

Nov 1st - ONE

One is straight line,  one is success,  one is unity ,  one is different,  one is you,  one is me ,  one is God ,  one is heart ,  one is love,  one is pure,  one is cure,  one is pain,  one is lonely,  one is cheat,  one is great ,  one is first ,  one is last,  one is truth ,  one is lie,  one is right,  one is wrong,  one is life,  one is death .
This post is written for the first day of NaBloPoMo