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Toilet - Ek Prem Katha - Movie Review

At first glance, this is a story of boy meets girl ,fall in love and the rest that continues . You go one step ahead and the movie will spin a lot of situations and experiences which in the country we live today becomes very important.

When a lot of film makers , of course including the viewing audience still make and wait for that one dreamy romantic story which strengthens the belief in fairy tales , Bhumi ( Actress) and Akshay ( Actor) throws at us the very reality of life. This is where I mark my beginning as I naturally mention the actress first followed by the actor. Not because I am a woman and I relate to her , actually in many ways I don't but in much more I do.

Jaya , the character Bhumi plays is shown as a headstrong woman with independent thinking and a simple heart . Right from the start , she knows where her heart lies, be it in falling in love , taking stock of eve teasers , telling lies to get married , loving her husband and family to asking for her right ( in th…