Toilet - Ek Prem Katha - Movie Review

At first glance, this is a story of boy meets girl ,fall in love and the rest that continues . You go one step ahead and the movie will spin a lot of situations and experiences which in the country we live today becomes very important.

When a lot of film makers , of course including the viewing audience still make and wait for that one dreamy romantic story which strengthens the belief in fairy tales , Bhumi ( Actress) and Akshay ( Actor) throws at us the very reality of life. This is where I mark my beginning as I naturally mention the actress first followed by the actor. Not because I am a woman and I relate to her , actually in many ways I don't but in much more I do.

Jaya , the character Bhumi plays is shown as a headstrong woman with independent thinking and a simple heart . Right from the start , she knows where her heart lies, be it in falling in love , taking stock of eve teasers , telling lies to get married , loving her husband and family to asking for her right ( in this case the TOILET) she comes out beautifully real. When I take a step back I wonder how many women in India even get to ask their own right, even if you are educated , live in the urban or the breadwinner for the family . Through out the movie , she emotes to what her heart wishes to express and ensures that she does not back out even if it means leaving loved ones behind .

Radhe Cycle wale ( that is how I remember Akshay's character ) , honestly that is quite an impression as I was drawn to that character not to the name or surname he carried. A desperate lover, loving husband , helpless citizen and a caring son and brother , this character lays the foundation for what we need men to be made of . His constant fight against the society and family , his understanding of others problems gives the story the matter it requires to lead.

Every other character , from Pandit ji ( Akshay's father) , Kaka( Anupam Kher ) to joshi ji ( Bhumi's father ) filled their space to the right extent bringing out the issues of caste , religion and the tension between that perfectly  . A special mention to Naru ( Divyendra sharma , Akshay's brother ) who added the lightness factor along with a great portrayal of a supportive and insightful brother.

"Only when the problem becomes yours , do you even bother to think about it " was a strong phrase that stayed with me from the movie. It is for sure that our country is changing , some places rapidly forward and in some rapidly backwards . This is where we need to bring the difference to reach across to every corner possible . Independence will be truly called out for when each of in our own homes can ask and stand up for what is rightfully ours ! Thank you team TOILET and the inspiring team and the real Jaya who made this possible:)


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