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Share it with me if you like - Friday Reflections

Sheela aunty was once again arguing with the Vegetable vendor, The water tanker had to horn to send the voice to the last house in spite of not a soul in front of him. Shekar Uncle's usual routine of kicking his scooter was more of a habit even when it would start in the second one. The sound of the bells announcing the end of the daily worship when everybody in the household stand around to have their hand waved across the pious fire . These little ( Ok , sometimes big) made my morning , today was different . It was another day of parade , small talks , introductions , show around the house, is there something you want to talk , expectations and the void.
Growing up in a joint family , staying in of one of row houses in the busiest streets in Chennai came with its own pinch of sugar and salt . Not a day went without laughter even after the biggest of fights and also not a day where you have a minute for self . Leave alone the family even the aunty in the last house would know wha…

Love the Imperfect -What have you learned from blogging?

There I felt the usual peck on my head and before she said anything, I opened my eyes and asked "Mama" where is my gift ? She gave me her ever radiant smile and said, "Happy Birthday Beta(Child)". The impatient me did not bother to hear that , all I did was open the cupboard and started searching, causing quite a mess. I was 18 today , adulthood had finally dawned , the age of I can do it myself ! She did turn to say something , I brushed past her as my phone kept ringing with all that awaited calls.
From the corner of my eye, I did see that mama continued during her morning chores , like placing a cup of coffee next to papa's study table where he was busy with his newspaper , handing over the spectacles to Dadi for her prayer reading , packing lunch boxes for my lazy brother , getting herself ready all at the same time. While I was still busy with my phone, she signaled me that I was getting late to college. I am sure she caught the guilty look in me thinking &…