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Tickling thoughts

My mood has not been all that great from yesterday and the funniest thing in that was every hour came up with a situation to add to it:). This is what happens i guess as my thinking had got tuned to a particular string of thought. I ended and started with an argument which turned into a ego issue inturn into a silence issue with my better half.. my lift stops working when i get to go to office .. My driver speeds like schumacher making me jump all over the car and i have meetings lined with the SVP of my company.... Wow what a way to pen my thoughts.

I was trying to maintain my professional outlook but alas my colleague took on the icing on the cake by behaving in the weirdest of ways... been doing that for sometime now and i am yet clueless why?? Now that i am reaching the fag end of teh day at office i am hoping that i dont wncounter any more experience that enhance my thoughts .. tickling thoughts more n more!!