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I am not in the mood - Write tribe festival of words - Day 4

Using the learn a new word every day , I have attempted this

There she was , the eternal quidnunc,a  floccinaucinihilipilification is what he would have liked his family to think of her. Quite the contrary , she ruled from every bit of conversation she had with his mother . All those days , when he used to return from school with his results in hand , happy and content with what he carried , his only thoughts were to see the smile on his mother’s face  with what he has scored. The long walk from where his bus would drop him to his house was all about how he would convince her in feeling what he feels of his scores . Yestreen , he had felt the expectations rising in his mom as it had been for every year. Why was he not able to convince her on the dislike he had for all subjects except the study of animals – it’s not that he failed , it was just that he was not inclined towards others… Maybe he would have made her understand if he ever got to talk to her alone, a joint family with a histor…

ThaTha - Meaning Grandfather - My inspiration - Write Tribe festival of words #4

Be Human - Inspirational post 
A doting brother , loving son, relied cousin, not so perfect husband, giving father and the best grand father .... is what I would use to define VV Venkateswaran . Of what I know of his upbringing , he has seen some of the hardest times from walking miles to reach a school , being the responsible son in the house of 3 daughters , proving to be the pride of his Father who I guess he was scared of the most and whom he equally respected . A journey full of treasures from which one can learn maybe all aspects of life.
The turning point from my view is the entry of my grandmother in his life without whom the four diamonds of his life ( My mom and 3 uncles ) would have never happened and I would have not got this lucky to have him.
 I want to tell you a short story that changed my life though I have not told this to many .
From taking me to school , teaching me lessons to introducing me to creativity ...I owe a lot to you . It was a day of my exams and my wait fo…