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Effective ways to curb stress at work

The definition of stress for every individual is very different , though the effect it has goes deep into ones mind.

With all of us who work spending 10-12 hours in our organization , combating with stress becomes crucial for both our personal and professional success.

The first important task is to realise and accept that one is undergoing stress that is affecting our day to day activities. This becomes important because there are types of stress that is good to have too.

Can one just pick out one effective way to curb stress at work? - not easy at all. Being a part of the HR community ,there are couple of things that I would like to list down which might help relieve stress at our work.

a) If the stress is due to a bad relationship at office ( your boss, peer or sub-ordinate) , make sure to step back and think the reason for which things have turned sour. This will give one a clear path as to how do we deal it going forward .It also helps in talking to the concerned person about thi…