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What is one supposed to do when you get hurt by what others say ? Answers i have usually got is to either hurt them back or to just ignore it . I tend to ignore it almost all the times noticing that i still dont leave the moment and walk ahead. The moment starts taking many shapes in my brain and creates a world of its own . This causes stress on me and in turn on others .
While I am writng this , it sounds really funny to ame and the only thing I need to do is to ignore and move ahead . This leads me to believe another fascinating fact that brain is the most complicated machine ever made. The more I try to control it my way , it slips from my hold ( i allow it to slip it from my hold.)
While i am fighting against my odd shapes and sizes within the brain , I am sure all of you out there have very similar situations and thoughts . I am not sure whether i will declare success on this battle as i foresee a parade of battles alreading marching towards me..