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Career Growth vs Compensation

In this era where organizations are having a war for talent, it becomes obvious that only by giving a hike in compensation, finding the right talent may not be easy. On the other hand, candidates, specifically with experience when looking out for a new opportunity outside their current organization weigh a lot of options before accepting an offer.
As a person who shifted her job just a month ago, my decision wasbased on various factors like the company’s performance over past years , of course compensation but above all, the role , variety ofwork and people that I would be surrounded with. Having two options in hand, I, for all the right reasons chose the offer which gave me much more meat in the role that I would play. As mentioned by experts, compensation becomes a part of the package and not the package alone!
People by nature want to see themselves grow, acquiring deeper knowledge, playing a variety of roles. Every month getting a fat pay might boost the morale of the employee bu…

Does HR need Revamping?

Organizations have come a long way from having HR as just a pair of hands, now is an era where HR has become a voice so strong. HR has evolved beautifully over years which is seen and heard from the many success stories from the organizations .Saying all of this, The HR department needs to constantly keep abreast with the changing times. The question that arises in our minds many times is

Does HR as a process needs revamping or just re-tuning?

There is a difference in both; revamping means is to change something from the very beginning. On the other hand, re-tuning is for the constant change that I spoke about earlier which should come from a constant vigilance and need for improvement within the HR team.

Departmentalizing HR into various functions is a methodology that may organizations are following ( HR business Partner , Learning and Development , HR operations , Staffing and Compensation and benefits) but the integration between them also matters to a high degree for the organi…