Career Growth vs Compensation

In this era where organizations are having a war for talent, it becomes obvious that only by giving a hike in compensation, finding the right talent may not be easy.
On the other hand, candidates, specifically with experience when looking out for a new opportunity outside their current organization weigh a lot of options before accepting an offer.

As a person who shifted her job just a month ago, my decision was  based on various factors like the company’s performance over past years , of course compensation but above all, the role , variety of  work and people that I would be surrounded with. Having two options in hand, I, for all the right reasons chose the offer which gave me much more meat in the role that I would play. As mentioned by experts, compensation becomes a part of the package and not the package alone!

People by nature want to see themselves grow, acquiring deeper knowledge, playing a variety of roles. Every month getting a fat pay might boost the morale of the employee but every quarter wanting to be recognized as the “ employee of the quarter “ is not only motivation , it also shows the involvement and satisfaction of the person .

- This was one of the top five articles that came in the print edition of Times Ascent


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