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I am not in the mood - Write tribe festival of words - Day 4

Using the learn a new word every day , I have attempted this

There she was , the eternal quidnunc,a  floccinaucinihilipilification is what he would have liked his family to think of her. Quite the contrary , she ruled from every bit of conversation she had with his mother . All those days , when he used to return from school with his results in hand , happy and content with what he carried , his only thoughts were to see the smile on his mother’s face  with what he has scored. The long walk from where his bus would drop him to his house was all about how he would convince her in feeling what he feels of his scores . Yestreen , he had felt the expectations rising in his mom as it had been for every year. Why was he not able to convince her on the dislike he had for all subjects except the study of animals – it’s not that he failed , it was just that he was not inclined towards others… Maybe he would have made her understand if he ever got to talk to her alone, a joint family with a histor…

ThaTha - Meaning Grandfather - My inspiration - Write Tribe festival of words #4

Be Human - Inspirational post 
A doting brother , loving son, relied cousin, not so perfect husband, giving father and the best grand father .... is what I would use to define VV Venkateswaran . Of what I know of his upbringing , he has seen some of the hardest times from walking miles to reach a school , being the responsible son in the house of 3 daughters , proving to be the pride of his Father who I guess he was scared of the most and whom he equally respected . A journey full of treasures from which one can learn maybe all aspects of life.
The turning point from my view is the entry of my grandmother in his life without whom the four diamonds of his life ( My mom and 3 uncles ) would have never happened and I would have not got this lucky to have him.
 I want to tell you a short story that changed my life though I have not told this to many .
From taking me to school , teaching me lessons to introducing me to creativity ...I owe a lot to you . It was a day of my exams and my wait fo…

Along the way - Write Tribe festival of Words # Day 3

In an era of fast foods, gadget and social media, it always seemed a life of quick pace . Every day the hurry in which we all get ready at home never left me the time to think of all that is beautiful around me.
Yesterday, I made a conscious decision of observing and living every moment, the vaguest of smells and minute sounds and what unfolded was no less than magic.
The love in which my grandma made me every morsel of food and the very existence that I am able to spend time with her was filled with emotions .The long sleep in the morning which is usually a rarity had me dreaming beyond what I thought about myself. The moment I stepped out of my house with my little daughter and mom , the journey opened up eye catching sights – like the smell of soil after I saw someone washing their ground , smearing it with turmeric and drawing a rangoli. A sense of tradition and oneness is what that scene arose.
When I saw my daughter, all of 6 able to make her choice so definitely on her dress, I f…

Poems and fear - Write Tribe Festival of words - Day 2

Lost I was in my thought He was there for a brief pause What was that something that stopped me In having that time that was meant for we
Running like a schoolgirl with no one to help All I wanted is for you to know me Tight was your hold , I wish I had told I allowed you to grow, so the sorrow
A gallery of dreams , of words , rhymes and themes Is it not fair that I too get some peace You sit in my heart and flow in my vein  When you know I just run in vain
It had to be one and the one was none You had your name , just everywhere Fear, scare, terror; laughed through the mirror Combat will I ever , with a shadow so near
A tiny space, with letters in a maze Triumph I will with a spirit so pure That moment was mine ; only to shine

And it made the difference - Write tribe festival of words #4

Was it in her womb or in the flowers bloom ; Up in those valleys travelled , in the moments that left me baffled ; In the smile of a tender face , all those tears I shed in those phase;
What was that which made the difference ; it was the time I learnt to be creative
Am I the one to inspire which is what I aspire; Are you the one who inspired and never gave in to what you desired; Through the dark tunnels and the lit up sky , quite a contrary is what I sigh ;
What was that which made the difference ; it was the time I learnt to be creative
Noises that I hear all the time, in this world of brain that is mine; Words out of a voice , where the need is just for poise; A life worth a million dollar , all it requires is love and valor;
What was that which made the difference ; it was the time I learnt to be creative
Will we ever meet , O supreme , in your space so sweet; Colors is what I see as far as my eyes could sting like a bee;
This is what made the difference , creativity and its existence.http://w…

Everyday .... A Gift of mixed emotions

A few months back , I was going through this terrible fear of what the next day is going to unfold...

The fear was so strong that many a times it became a reality, like all i could think of sometimes was my little one getting sick and lo! she would fall sick through the course of the day...

This developed in me the fear of sleep and all of this in turn just brought a lot of chaos....One morning when  I was at prayer, I decided that rather than imagining so many disturbed thoughts why cant I focus my thoughts and say to myself that whatever it maybe is new and will be exciting...

I am sure we have a word associated to this in psychology but why bother now....was very tough to turn around my thoughts to a positive from such an extreme negative spectrum....all i started doing was associate the "new day " to a gift box which is unopened and like a child who awaited with baited breath to see what it is , I wake up every morning with that feeling...

Today has been a great d…

Mis - interpretation

A conversation stops the minute it has been misunderstood... The old story of the boy and the wolf where every time the villagers believed that there was a wolf in the field is also a crude form of misinterpretation ... The final result ... the boy paid it with his life.

We commonly hear people saying "Please don't misunderstand me while what they mean to say is don't misinterpret me..It takes a great effort for 2 individuals to take away the same meaning of what is being said to them...Each one of us understand from our stance of thinking.... "When the other day I said that all you can think about a women is just one thing "the other person thought it as sex whereas what i wanted to convey was in a different tangent

The way our brain is wired is obviously two of us are in the same state of thoughts ... imagine, still all we do day in and day out is converse with so many people around us ... I wonder what kind of messages are we passing through all …


Certain facts about myself I hate , one of which is the constant push and cajoling I need to do something... a constant search of praise and recognition.The start is always grand but the finish cannot be traced ... call it irony or pure laziness, the truth has never changed

This Pro tribe challenge is also one of my way to get out of this madness of wanting to do different things , writing has always been a passion ... finding a reason to write has never been.. when i struck upon this website , i thought i should take up this challenge of writing one blog a day ... come what may( not the month but the phrase )...

So here I am revealing my vulnerability today...My blog post ideas are going to be the title of one ted talk and my version of it... this time its my palm and my fingers which will do the pat on my back... sounding big with no expectations... Continue it madame ... then lets see( shut up my inner voice!)

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