Mis - interpretation

A conversation stops the minute it has been misunderstood... The old story of the boy and the wolf where every time the villagers believed that there was a wolf in the field is also a crude form of misinterpretation ... The final result ... the boy paid it with his life.

We commonly hear people saying "Please don't misunderstand me while what they mean to say is don't misinterpret me..It takes a great effort for 2 individuals to take away the same meaning of what is being said to them...Each one of us understand from our stance of thinking.... "When the other day I said that all you can think about a women is just one thing "the other person thought it as sex whereas what i wanted to convey was in a different tangent

The way our brain is wired is obviously unique...no two of us are in the same state of thoughts ... imagine, still all we do day in and day out is converse with so many people around us ... I wonder what kind of messages are we passing through all of that:)

While I am writing this , i am being forced to think if we many a times use words so that we can be taken differently ...I am sure we do... especially in tense situations , situation of when we are being pulled up, caught or say asking permissions. My little bro always used to tell my mother that he has got "X mark and he is number 3 in the class and others are way behind.... My mother was happy with that and never bothered to understand how behind was he compared to the 1st and 2nd which many a times was significant....

Another friend of misinterpretation is eavesdropping and then the story that we can build around can be anything under the sun....

Love thy world and the world shall love you... and how ...its left for you to understand :)


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