Certain facts about myself I hate , one of which is the constant push and cajoling I need to do something... a constant search of praise and recognition.The start is always grand but the finish cannot be traced ... call it irony or pure laziness, the truth has never changed

This Pro tribe challenge is also one of my way to get out of this madness of wanting to do different things , writing has always been a passion ... finding a reason to write has never been.. when i struck upon this website , i thought i should take up this challenge of writing one blog a day ... come what may( not the month but the phrase )...

So here I am revealing my vulnerability today...My blog post ideas are going to be the title of one ted talk and my version of it... this time its my palm and my fingers which will do the pat on my back... sounding big with no expectations... Continue it madame ... then lets see( shut up my inner voice!)


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