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India, for the first time is going to host the CommonWealth Games- This was the frontline news a few months ago and it made every Indian beam with pride. Delhi , The Capital of India was chosen as ' THE PLACE' for it to be conducted and from then there was no looking back. Every top official in India got involved in it in one way or the other, a team of so called efficient people were given the responsibility to look into this important event and the rest took a back seat
or actually forgot about it.

Delhi was being remade in the true sense, I had an opportunity to visit the city in the interim and the place looked 'broken'- yes I mean it . All I could see was debris , dust and wide cracked roads. Though the sight was not great , I made myself understand that this is all for an International cause and I too forgot about it.

As the date was nearing , Our media woke up one fine day and as it should be , broken Delhi was BREAKING NEWS.. it still is.It is amazing to note that…