India, for the first time is going to host the CommonWealth Games- This was the frontline news a few months ago and it made every Indian beam with pride. Delhi , The Capital of India was chosen as ' THE PLACE' for it to be conducted and from then there was no looking back. Every top official in India got involved in it in one way or the other, a team of so called efficient people were given the responsibility to look into this important event and the rest took a back seat
or actually forgot about it.

Delhi was being remade in the true sense, I had an opportunity to visit the city in the interim and the place looked 'broken'- yes I mean it . All I could see was debris , dust and wide cracked roads. Though the sight was not great , I made myself understand that this is all for an International cause and I too forgot about it.

As the date was nearing , Our media woke up one fine day and as it should be , broken Delhi was BREAKING NEWS.. it still is.It is amazing to note that after months of announcing the games, thousands of labor working day and night,a specialized team , 8000 crores of rupees being spent, all what we see and hear is words like 'Unlivable' ,'Unsafe' and 'untidy'. There seem to be no positive news about the games ,at least from what we see and hear form the media.Every
person in India, including you and me is only passing the buck for this debacle.

It is not that failure is wrong , atleast we must find a next step instead of only complaining. Everyday the newspapers carry comments about the Games from famous celebrities- Who are they and how does their comment matter than any one of ours?.Think , every Indian s hard earned money has gone into the making or breaking of it . It is time that our leaders and officials act like one rather than kids of nursery school.This whole episode has given our International partners the free rights to comment on us on anything ,from business to standard of living . Should we atleast think now and then act.

Common wealth Games has truly stood up to its name in INDIA. Its the common wealth of people that has been used and many games have been played with it by many people.

All that we can do now is keep our hands on our hearts and say " ALL IZZ WELL' - Truly Idiotic !!!


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