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What a crash! - Left me thinking

The Air India flight that met with its ill fate was horrifying news. When I first heard the news, I just felt sorry for all those who had lost their lives. I am not sure why, this news got deep rooted in my mind. A day after, when I read the details of the incident in the paper, my thoughts were running very fast and I could not help myself from having a strange fear.

Firstly, imagine yourself in the situation, you are traveling in a long distance flight and all that you want is to get to your destination to your loved ones, You hear the announcement that the flight has started its descent and you have a sigh of relief (Most of us have this kind of a feeling when the air hostess announces the descent of the flight). You see the runway and you are all ready to move out when you sight danger, your flight does not stop but speeds away telling you that you only have few seconds of your life left. I had shivers at this juncture thinking what can one do at that point. And then ,only you woul…