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I am fertile (#InfertilityNotATaboo)

I am fertile, I now have a 7 seven year old - sounds obnoxious , isn't it , well that's the truth and I find it very weird every time I get to hear this told to me "Thank God, all went well for you and you have this child , not many women are lucky". A land worth millions does not promise a yield, industries which has lived a lifetime cannot predict their next year  - For God's sake , I am a Woman human and I was not born with a tag. I mention the WOMAN in particular, for , the four people who live around my neighborhood only seem to have time to find my missing tag.
I indeed thank the almighty for the bundle of joy he has given me , I am here to narrate my first hand experience of my friend with whom I have lived through one of her most unreasonable phase. Her wedding was the most talked about in our circle, she got the guy she loved, she had the best job, she was at the peak of her career, a dream wedding , a dreamier honeymoon in the alps( All comments on had…

What's Extra "ordinary"

An Alarm at five; The bread and the knife; A one by two balance ; That look and the glance.
A mother so nice; A boss so kind; No time for mess; Can get you to grind.
Prayers, wishes and greetings too; Time we make for all that is you; Calls to take , pets to feed, You call me friend for your need.
Who teaches , the book or the mind Not a single soul has the wand to find; My eyes open wide with a quizzical smile; when Extra ordinary is my name once in a while....

This is an ode to all the Women out there:)