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Reel of Feelings ( A- Anger) #AtoZ Challenge

I knew I was one , it was just 6 weeks and there was a long journey ahead of me . Have I done right in listening to that voice who enticed me into this..yes into this . I heard someone calling "Latha everything fine" and then it was a roller coaster ride, an experience of a free fall, some back and forth, a flattening , a vacuum , a rush and then stillness. And then the voice again, "So how is it?", I said I want to come back , this is getting a lot stickier than you told me and that was absolutely not the deal we had. It laughed and spoke with its usual calmness "It has just begun my dear , the deal is for a lifetime , she is a lovely human , with her your journey will become more beautiful and in the next few minutes you will know how she feels for you". That word again "feeling " I thought, I am happy feeling happy was what I was saying when there were not one but 3 voices. All was broken, "Are you sure", &quo…