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Are you a Lion or a Mouse!

The lion roared with pain as a nail had got into his paw, no one bothered to help him but a mouse. The lion was so appreciative of this fact that the next time the mouse was in trouble, the lion did not think twice to help him. The trust that the lion and the mouse showed on each other is still etched in my memory from the time I have read this in my school. I believed that stories with morals always had an impact on one’s life, not anymore.

The lion and the mouse story teach us the importance of appreciation, thanking, being there for each other at times of need irrespective of the fact that you may be the “King of the jungle” or of the “enormity of the deed”. Now take a moment and think, in your everyday life with the varying roles all of us play, how many such people or incident you remember where someone has appreciated/ thanked you without any expectations.

Every day when I teach my child that you should thank people for the good they do, I feel if this is of any use to her as…