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I love feeling guilty!

Thousand pieces of shattered glass, pricking sensation of countless thorns and a broken heart – this is the feeling of guilt within me. The recurrence of this in my life has been increasing over time, think that’s the way it is for all or maybe not! The thought of retaliation is so high that the explosion of it deafens my ears, only my ears. Never has any been able to hear that - would that have made a difference?

Guilt of ignorance, guilt of not giving respect, guilt of not loving, guilt of telling lies, guilt of hiding, guilt of everything not nice.. the list keeps adding but why ? The beauty I sense is every time I experience this guilt , there is an anger and this keeps repeating more with less repenting. The negativity gives me the strength of positivity, strange but true!

Some people love accusing others of guilt for if they count theirs it will take them down so low that they will never be able to come up again. This then becomes a chain reaction where at the end all I experi…

On Exit Mode : What's next?

At the time when the employee expresses his thought to leave an organization, the responsibility gets divided between the employee and the employer. The employee has to ensure that he she does not go on a switch off mode before the real exit , work with the same rigor and accountability until his day of exit , have an action plan in place for his/ her successor to take over, make sure that the exit is for his / her own reasons and not talk negative on behalf of the organization to peers.

On the other hand , the employer also should not get into a “stay – away “ mode where they stop sharing information that is required , not invite them for meetings that are regular in nature, switch on an antenna where every of his/her work is scrutinized to see if the person is not giving his / her 100%.

It becomes equally important that both parties understand the reason for the exit and make sure that the exit is a smooth experience as how it is for a new hire. Retention interviews should be focus…

The art of mentoring

Yes! Mentoring is truly an art where a mentor needs to understand and work along with their mentee to help the individual grow in the required path.

Many a times, our mentors are not chosen. We tend to follow and adapt to a certain individual for some of their best qualities and end up realizing that we are being mentored by them. On the other hand, there are also mentors who are given to you and then you both agree to work towards a common goal.Mentors could be all ranging from your own peers, friends, and parents to your superiors and bosses.

Mentoring requires both the mentor and the mentee to feel connected in terms of their thoughts, communication and learning. This helps build trust which is the most important factor in any relationship.

Mentoring could be of different types:

1.Short Span Mentoring: In this the mentee seeks out help from a mentor for a particular topic/ interest which is required at that point in time. Eg: Interest clubs, Specific projects.

2. Long span Mentori…

The need for Performance Management

Organizations profit and loss statements are dependent on their revenues and in turn on their performance. Performance in the simplest terms can be defined as the execution of work of all kinds that exist in the organization. If the execution is carried out well then there is a rise in the performance and vice versa, so the need to measure performance becomes highly critical.

Having given the theoretical explanation, the psychological explanation goes as follows. As humans, we all expect feedback for the work we do. This holds good for any scenario. When associated with an organization, we expect to hear from the experts that we are on the right or wrong path, the next course of action if any, on the associated perks or rewards. In this bargain, the organization also gets to identify the high, medium and low performances. This helps create hierarchy and balance in the system.

The need for a performance management is thus very high in any organization/any context. Though there are tr…

For my idol - Mother Teresa

She was kind yet powerful;

She was gentle yet strong in her own ways;

Her touch cured the needy; her smile lifted the spirits of many;

She gave all what she had with no demands of any;

She raised a hand and silenced many

She was:

A Woman of substance;

A woman to learn from;

A Woman who took the world by storm;

A Woman whom I worship;

Mother Teresa – I salute you!

Career Growth vs Compensation

In this era where organizations are having a war for talent, it becomes obvious that only by giving a hike in compensation, finding the right talent may not be easy. On the other hand, candidates, specifically with experience when looking out for a new opportunity outside their current organization weigh a lot of options before accepting an offer.
As a person who shifted her job just a month ago, my decision wasbased on various factors like the company’s performance over past years , of course compensation but above all, the role , variety ofwork and people that I would be surrounded with. Having two options in hand, I, for all the right reasons chose the offer which gave me much more meat in the role that I would play. As mentioned by experts, compensation becomes a part of the package and not the package alone!
People by nature want to see themselves grow, acquiring deeper knowledge, playing a variety of roles. Every month getting a fat pay might boost the morale of the employee bu…

Does HR need Revamping?

Organizations have come a long way from having HR as just a pair of hands, now is an era where HR has become a voice so strong. HR has evolved beautifully over years which is seen and heard from the many success stories from the organizations .Saying all of this, The HR department needs to constantly keep abreast with the changing times. The question that arises in our minds many times is

Does HR as a process needs revamping or just re-tuning?

There is a difference in both; revamping means is to change something from the very beginning. On the other hand, re-tuning is for the constant change that I spoke about earlier which should come from a constant vigilance and need for improvement within the HR team.

Departmentalizing HR into various functions is a methodology that may organizations are following ( HR business Partner , Learning and Development , HR operations , Staffing and Compensation and benefits) but the integration between them also matters to a high degree for the organi…

Effective ways to curb stress at work

The definition of stress for every individual is very different , though the effect it has goes deep into ones mind.

With all of us who work spending 10-12 hours in our organization , combating with stress becomes crucial for both our personal and professional success.

The first important task is to realise and accept that one is undergoing stress that is affecting our day to day activities. This becomes important because there are types of stress that is good to have too.

Can one just pick out one effective way to curb stress at work? - not easy at all. Being a part of the HR community ,there are couple of things that I would like to list down which might help relieve stress at our work.

a) If the stress is due to a bad relationship at office ( your boss, peer or sub-ordinate) , make sure to step back and think the reason for which things have turned sour. This will give one a clear path as to how do we deal it going forward .It also helps in talking to the concerned person about thi…