On Exit Mode : What's next?

At the time when the employee expresses his thought to leave an organization, the responsibility gets divided between the employee and the employer. The employee has to ensure that he she does not go on a switch off mode before the real exit , work with the same rigor and accountability until his day of exit , have an action plan in place for his/ her successor to take over, make sure that the exit is for his / her own reasons and not talk negative on behalf of the organization to peers.

On the other hand , the employer also should not get into a “stay – away “ mode where they stop sharing information that is required , not invite them for meetings that are regular in nature, switch on an antenna where every of his/her work is scrutinized to see if the person is not giving his / her 100%.

It becomes equally important that both parties understand the reason for the exit and make sure that the exit is a smooth experience as how it is for a new hire. Retention interviews should be focused on making sure that the employees really wants the employee because of their worth instead of it being a stress interview where the employer is trying to find out reasons to leave apart from what the employee is stating.

There are many organizations who re-hire employees based on their past performance but they should also remember that re-hiring does not mean that the employee is bonded to the organization for life, there could be an exit from the same person again in a limited period of time.

Remembering the fact that both employer and employee have given each other what they deserve in the time period for what the employee has worked makes a huge difference. This will reduce unnecessary misunderstandings if any and will ensure that the exit becomes a memorable one for the employee and the relationship does not end there.


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