The art of mentoring

Yes! Mentoring is truly an art where a mentor needs to understand and work along with their mentee to help the individual grow in the required path.

Many a times, our mentors are not chosen. We tend to follow and adapt to a certain individual for some of their best qualities and end up realizing that we are being mentored by them. On the other hand, there are also mentors who are given to you and then you both agree to work towards a common goal.Mentors could be all ranging from your own peers, friends, and parents to your superiors and bosses.

Mentoring requires both the mentor and the mentee to feel connected in terms of their thoughts, communication and learning. This helps build trust which is the most important factor in any relationship.

Mentoring could be of different types:

1.Short Span Mentoring: In this the mentee seeks out help from a mentor for a particular topic/ interest which is required at that point in time. Eg: Interest clubs, Specific projects.

2. Long span Mentoring: In this the mentor and the mentee have set goals, which they review and set a plan for a year or two on which both together for combined successes:
In this type, there is a lot of time for grooming and development unlike the one above. Eg: New hire mentoring, Leadership mentoring

Mentoring as a process takes its lessons from our everyday life and is very similar to harvesting. A mentor in a form of a seed sows a seed in his mentee, nurtures him with different learning that he has learnt from his experience and waits for a good harvest.

The beauty of mentoring is that you also get mentored along the course of mentorship. In formal terms this is known as ‘Reverse Mentorship’

In organizations today, we have a lot of young workforce who look forward to have good mentors to succeed in their careers. For organizations, having a robust mentorship program helps in quick go-lives, development, retention and growth of their most important asset –EMPLOYEES.


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