Along the way - Write Tribe festival of Words # Day 3

In an era of fast foods, gadget and social media, it always seemed a life of quick pace . Every day the hurry in which we all get ready at home never left me the time to think of all that is beautiful around me.

Yesterday, I made a conscious decision of observing and living every moment, the vaguest of smells and minute sounds and what unfolded was no less than magic.

The love in which my grandma made me every morsel of food and the very existence that I am able to spend time with her was filled with emotions .The long sleep in the morning which is usually a rarity had me dreaming beyond what I thought about myself. The moment I stepped out of my house with my little daughter and mom , the journey opened up eye catching sights – like the smell of soil after I saw someone washing their ground , smearing it with turmeric and drawing a rangoli. A sense of tradition and oneness is what that scene arose.

When I saw my daughter, all of 6 able to make her choice so definitely on her dress, I felt pride and happy as what I envisioned for her to be when she was within me was becoming a reality. While on the way back home, the temple bells and the aroma of all those flowers and incense sticks took me back to all those days as a youngster when I use to accompany my family.

Mindfulness surely does wonders in one and makes me feel contented …


I felt as if I walked beside you, sharing your memories, smelling the ground, and hearing the bells. Yet, we live such different lives. Thank you for sharing yours.
Tina Basu said…
It's great to observe things and realize how small things bring a smile on your face.

Tina from The Sunny Side of Life
Ash said…
Thank you Francene..As you rightly said , this difference is what brings us all together

Thanks Tina, i realize that i should more often given time to these small things which makes it large in life
Sheela K Kumar said…
Oh lovely! It's true and it does eye contact with the present moment creates uncountable moments of everlasting memory.....

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