Poems and fear - Write Tribe Festival of words - Day 2

Lost I was in my thought
He was there for a brief pause
What was that something that stopped me
In having that time that was meant for we

Running like a schoolgirl with no one to help
All I wanted is for you to know me
Tight was your hold , I wish I had told
I allowed you to grow, so the sorrow

A gallery of dreams , of words , rhymes and themes
Is it not fair that I too get some peace
You sit in my heart and flow in my vein
 When you know I just run in vain

It had to be one and the one was none
You had your name , just everywhere
Fear, scare, terror; laughed through the mirror
Combat will I ever , with a shadow so near

A tiny space, with letters in a maze
Triumph I will with a spirit so pure
That moment was mine ; only to shine

Lost I was in my thought; to pen down what I had sought

My attempt at writing rhyming poetry got a lot of sneers and for me to over come it is what I have penned down today ...http://writetribe.com/


Inderpreet Kaur said…
Why! You should write it more often!! Poetry has no boundaries, even I do not write it much but do a little bit if I can. Wonderful expression in your poem.

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