I am not in the mood - Write tribe festival of words - Day 4

Using the learn a new word every day , I have attempted this

There she was , the eternal quidnunc ,a  floccinaucinihilipilification is what he would have liked his family to think of her. Quite the contrary , she ruled from every bit of conversation she had with his mother .
All those days , when he used to return from school with his results in hand , happy and content with what he carried , his only thoughts were to see the smile on his mother’s face  with what he has scored. The long walk from where his bus would drop him to his house was all about how he would convince her in feeling what he feels of his scores . Yestreen , he had felt the expectations rising in his mom as it had been for every year. Why was he not able to convince her on the dislike he had for all subjects except the study of animals – it’s not that he failed , it was just that he was not inclined towards others…
Maybe he would have made her understand if he ever got to talk to her alone, a joint family with a history of stalwarts and highly educated folks, he was the odd man out. Even at times , when he felt all was right , this jiggery-pokery of a lady who called herself his aunt would not give a chance.
Back to where he was standing today, not minding anyone , he walked up to his Mother and said “ I just want you to come with me today , for all the shame you have felt all these years , its time you realize your worth”
The stage was set , his mother was seated in the front row, feeling very different amongst all those men and women in attires that she would have hardly seen. She was not sure why she came , it was just for the calling of her womb, she had heard and faced a lot for him, “Why wasn’t he an engineer “ she never could understand.
As agog as a small child he heard his name being called , he touched his mother’s feet and walked up to the stage. There was nothing togainsay that the whole auditorium reverberated with rounds and rounds of applause for this man who was receiving his trophy . In that chilled space , his oxter was wet with sweat and then with just one look at her , he grabbed his chance to say all he wanted to say for all these years. Not a word he could remember of what he had written and was ready to tell his mother because he saw her smiling with all those regards she was receiving from the highest officials in the country for her son and that smile was no less than a moonbow.
Cryptozoology , the research that he had done in that field was no middling and the award from the President of the country stood evidence for that. She never understood what it was and why was he doing and he never wanted her to anymore. She had it all with her today , freedom and respect from people around her which a family so big could never give her. When he walked back with her out of the auditorium , all she said was “ Where are we going today , I am in no mood to go back home”http://writetribe.com/


Anonymous said…
Light hearted story touching the heart and of course, the new words:)

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