BeBoldforchange - Be YOU!!

BeBoldforChange is the theme for IWD 2017 across the globe. My take on what is that t be be bold for change and where do I look for it? 

Where do I look For Change?
In my peaks of success or failure
Within that hidden souvenir;
Days and nights of hardwork
Smiles and laughter that always works;
Under the rain , in my pain
or simply in those wandering plains
In that shelf, in that draw
Maybe in that moment when I Withdraw
In the space I stand , in the love I share
The way you see when I glare

How Do I be bold?
In what I speak or what I know
Where is my silence in this row
At the moment or for days
Do I fight for my ways
Red is my hair , who is to care
I do look beyond all the glare
Warmth and respect are my usual suspects
Dare the devil , never my culprit

What is Bebold for change?
In you it is, in the way you feel
Tall, short , small , big, all will heal
Born to your right , where is the fright?
I got that , it is just our might
Ten little portions, or thousands of fragments
I understand , that's just your Judgment
Change is you , the path you choose
Bebold, Be naive, Be brave or maybe just be YOU!!


Sunil said…
Hello Ashwini,

Very well expressed, deep and thoughtful. Indeed, its within 'You' that one needs to search for all answers that are 'external' ! :-) One has the power to create the reality one can imagine.

Warm regards,
Ashwini Das said…
Thank you Sunil..
Ashwini Das said…
This comment has been removed by the author.

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