Reel of feelings ( G- Galloping Gallons of Guilt ) - # A to Z Challenge

I walked with him on my side very comfortably. One look at my eyes and he would know how to take our conversation ahead. My thought that day was on the lines of how this all started, will this stay in my life, would I be able to commit , was he too nice to be true? and he just said "How would it be if we just stayed as companions all our life without any pressure on any commitment". I snapped out of my string of thoughts and just had one question for him "Are you human?" 
He was the one who sat next to me on my first day of High school and from then on never found another seat . Least expected to see him at the hospital helping Hakim Baba settle my bills , helped me on the wheel chair and to drop us back. He turned back , waved a good bye and in a high pitched tone said "See you at school tomorrow". The days passed by with our long talks and walks , preparing for life exams and much more. Strangely, we still walk and talk every time we have something locked in our hearts and yes he never calls me Tara.

He loved Ruhana's style of cooking and that was the only topic we loved to differ. All set to leave, he did his usual mimic of a lover girl madly in love with Hakim Baba , made him roll into laughter and kissed him goodnight. He sat in his car and told "Be ready tomorrow, you have a place to visit" and before i could ask where , he was a mile away.
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It was a long drive in the morning and I got down at what I could call one of the most beautiful houses in our small city. Something was familiar but a lot unfamiliar , drowned in the beauty I did not realize he had got me to his home. His whole family was waiting outside for a welcome , Yes a family - I have only hears stories of them , actually never wished for one. I entered the palatial mansion and looked straight into her , all my storm was under the sea and all I did was poke her eyes with my sight. What did I see... Galloping Gallons of Guilt ....She was weeping guilt with no tears, biting guilt with no words , knowing guilt with unknown fear....


Scarlett Braden said…
I love your alliteration! I feel I entered in the middle of the story and will have to come back to read the rest.
Visiting A to Z
@ScarlettBraden from
Frankly Scarlett
Ash said…
Thank you, this is my attempt at a small story through the feelings

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