Reel Of feelings- ( E-Eager) # A to Z challenge

It was any other hectic day at my home , one hand signing papers on expansion and the other to feel whether the milk was at the normal temperature. Simultaneously I was nodding my head at the rhyme being narrated with my eyes asking Ruhana to get the floor cleaned. It was the same wish once again - "Öh lord , Either give me 2 more hands or increase my body parts which can get work done".

Just then I heard my name being called "Tara ....Tara...You have to see this to believe me". I did my little jog to his room and there was Hakim Baba- on his bed , fragile and child like, the glow in his eyes had not changed a bit. "What is it now , Hakim Baba? . Haven't I told you many times over now that don't get excited so much , Your heart will come in your hand "and the room filled with laughter for the next five minutes. It was a message from Rose and yes it was hard to believe what I was seeing, the little bump in her tummy . Rose forever lived with us through her pictures and letters, it is now 14 years since we have met or spoken to each other. Ask us anything about each other and we will always be right.

Image result for eager quotesHakim Baba slightly pinched me , his usual way of asking me to come back to here and now . The phone rang and I got up to rush when he asked me "How are you feeling my dear ? and I said I am eager to see the future"....


Nilanjana Bose said…
Well done on the E-prompt! Liked the story. And also the quote. Very true.

Great job being up to date with your posts.


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