Reel of Feelings ( K- Kindness Knotted knee deep) - # A to Z challenge

You are a true asset to our school, here is your scholarship to continue your education at the most renowned institute , not many get this opportunity. “ Thank you Mam, I would not be able to accept this , I cannot leave home and go elsewhere to study “ , leaving her shocked I walked out of my Prinicipal’s cabin thinking what should I be doing next.

When I reached, I could see that Hakim Baba had already received the news. Ruhana kept signaling me to come in from the back gate but seldom did I listen to anyone. I was all ready to answer him with my rationale when he said “ I am proud of you my child, when many only think of themselves , you are gifted with quality of thinking for others “ and murmured something like “ I see where that quality comes from “. I quickly reacted “ How on earth you never get angry , does that mean you also din’t want me to go from here but never told that?”

He signalled me to sit down and have food while he had to sign off some papers as it was a party day again and we had one of our young girls going to her new home. I had by then reconciled to the fact that I would never find a new house, actually did not want it anymore , I considered this my home . For outsiders it was an orphanage cum a school where education was free for all children in primary years , for me this is where I lost and found myself many times and I was for sure not going away from here.
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I noticed with utmost attention what Hakim Baba was doing that day, maybe I started understanding a lot better as well. He said “ While I am giving away one of our children to you, both legally and physically, we all share a bond emotionally “.” I would never ever again come in your way until that day when I find that our child would have been happier here” and then no papers can bound me. I was awestruck at his capability to balance between so many duties of us children and yet know each one of us inside out .

When he walked into my room that evening, I gave him a big smile and hugged him. He sat down and told me something that has kept me going everyday “ Tara , the greatest strength one can have as humans is Kindness towards Humanity and to do that one may have to travel miles or one may find it right where they are”.I looked at him puzzled and so he continued” So you have a choice now , what is that you want to do , which direction you want to seek in your journey of kindness” . “So that’s your secret Hakim Baba” I squealed in joy “ Your secret of attracting all us lonely children towards you , giving them more than a home and teaching them the true value of life” . With a surprised look he just patted my back and said yes “ secret of Kindness knotted knee deep “  and we did our famous laughter together.

I repeated the same thing 100 times over to him today knowing I will never hear that laughter again … as usual his face still looked calm and kind…….


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