Reel of Feelings ( H- Happiness)- # A to Z Challenge

I didn't  let Hakim Baba sleep , one long breathless speech on where I went, what I saw and most importantly who I saw . Every angle of hers I described , how she stood in just one corner , did not move - must have not had the guts I added, her constant eyesight on me , her tight lips when neither she spoke nor anyone spoke to her. I then asked him if he ever visited her after that night. In his own ways , Hakim Baba smiled , the twinkle moving up right up to his forehead and asked me "I see that you are very happy seeing her suffer in guilt, did she know who you are" , paused , waited for me to say something and when I didn't he continued" nothing wrong my dear , hurt and happiness stay in the same place , You were hurt and to -day you are happy being hurt".

Image result for happiness quotesI just wished him Good night and walked out , kept walking with my head reeling with pain on my own foolishness. It has been 14 years since I met her , and all these long years I wanted to be happy and at what cost- her guilt? My eyes swelled up with tears of anger( this damn feeling of anger , must have learnt it in the womb) and just then someone tapped from behind. With a jolt I turned back to attack and I saw him covering his face with both his hands . " What on earth are you doing here? , been searching for you all around " " When will you stop venturing alone like this and whom are you trying to prove the strong Women philosophy"? . I just hugged him and cried , must have been five minutes when I realized what was happening , I lifted my head up and asked " How did you come here? , was there something urgent ?" .

All he did was bend down on his knees and spoke," I want to be with you always and see life through your eyes , this is not love, this is my earnest want to define happiness for you, will you accept me and allow happiness to happen"? He once again din't ask me anything and at that moment I understood what true happiness meant and I said YES :)


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