Reel of Feelings ( M - Melodrama...matic) - # A to Z challenge

She was the only other one who knew everything about my mother or so I thought , Ruhana,  and that was the first time I really talked to her . Ruhana was always there from the time I remember but I rarely spoke to her apart from the times when I have appreciated her ways of making food for the children ( Personally I was not much of a fan) .

It was a night when Hakim Baba had got the surprise cake for all of us , and it was a big deal for us as kids . Hakim Baba had some real ways to bring cheer on us  to make us forget that we don’t have anyone and so that day he was singing a special song . Along with the singing, we were all ready to cut the cake when the phone rang. All of us fell silent as a was a habit taught to us whenever phone rings, Baba spoke for a minute or two and never bothered to come back to the cake .Five minutes later , all hell broke loose ,All of us kids were ushered to go back to our rooms. We then saw Ruhana crying loudly , beating her chest and pulling Hakim Baba’s collar . Being all of nine years I was angry at the way she was behaving with Hakim Baba and also in the corner of my heart I held her responsible for spoiling our day.

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The next day I didn’t  see Ruhana around and when I asked the new cook he just said ,” Oh , what else will happen if she behaves so melodramatic , its good that she left” . I quite didn’t understand what he meant but what stayed with me was the word melodramatic….


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