Reel Of feelings ( D- Delightfully Disappointed) - #A to Z challenge

I stood there alone for the whole night . I didn't want to dream once again of her room , soft cushions , smell of her hands ...nothing at all. I remember walking away with Hakim Baba for the one last time , holding my tears and blaming the cold wind for any accidental drop.

He never came into my life again and she never left me . Rose was all who I had, she broke my silence, forced my laughter , loved my happiness and embraced my tantrums. Years passed by when one morning there was that similar knock on our door. Rose and I barely peeped through our bedcover when Hakim Baba told that someone had come to see us. Guess he read it in my eyes and he immediately added , not anyone you know already , someone who wants t know you forever.

Image result for delighted smileyNot understanding much of what he said , I turned to Rose and hugged and reminded her that it's her birthday and she turns 8 today. It was never easy to skip her eyes but I somehow managed to get her those chrysanthemums ( pink in color) that she always loved. Hakim Baba's reentry was very energetic ,he lifted Rose , swept her high and with tears in his eyes told that she would be having a Mom and Dad now and will no more be called an orphan. A flash of thoughts of all those promises of never getting separated from each other , staying together vows ran in front of my eyes . All I did was look at her and said that now I will have a place to go for vacation. I was delightfully disappointed.....


Ash said…
To read where the story began from..don't forget to read A,B,C

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