Reel of Feelings ( O- Optimistic) - # A to Z challenge

I accompanied Tarun and Ruhana to the house again. I had convinced myself that it was just this time , this one time I would meet her. All had only the best to say , my hatred was gone leaving me with no feeling for her, so there was no reason for me to get carried away. All Tarun told is he was a paying guest here and the other day , his family had visited him. He knew my mother as the Landlady and nothing more. I could see he was hiding a lot more this time, maybe I knew why.

Ruhana on the other hand had never met her too but seemed to be knowing much more than what baba would have known. We reached her room , wait a second I said, "My room" I said softly. The door opened and nothing had changed , it was the same cold and dark room except it had a very soothing aroma . On one corner was the rug that I had always wanted to hide under as a child and the other corner had some clothes hung which were mine when I was four.
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I saw her walking towards me , not really , she was walking in her known direction with the help of a stick and when she came close to us she said in the same sweet voice " My optimism never fails me, I was optimistic that you would come back to your place one day and here you are Tara" . Just then my phone rang and I knew I had to leave. 


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