Reel of Feelings ( S - Sinking In) - # A to Z challenge

I walked up straight to her , neither did I want Tarun nor Ruhana . I banged open the door and asked her "who gave you the right to decide whether I should be born or not ? , Why didn't you have the courage to bring me up , What are you trying to prove now by wanting to meet me ". She took her walking stick and sat down in her chair and said "Finally , we are alone and I can tell you what I have been wanting to ". I said "I am not here to listen to your story , yes , my hatred towards you is gone . Now after I have learnt the hard truth of my birth , I have no feelings left but want my questions answered".

She said "fine Tara , if you can give me 10 minutes of your life today, I will tell you all that you wanted to know" and she began. "I always wanted you my child , more than my want a mother always wants the child's safety and thats what I did . When the doctor told me that I had a girl , I was the happiest as I knew you will shine . I handed you over to Hakim Baba and told him to give you all the love he had . My battles were many but I was brought up to serve my duties and so I did , both to you and to your father. That night when your father found you , you stopped your journey towards me but I started my journey towards you. 13 years , every night I was with you hearing all your stories, everyday moments and telling them what should the course for the next day. The last 2 years have been tough on me when I lost my eyesight and I am not complaining . I am till date, proud of myself as I stood against all odds to make sure that my daughter lives like a queen" and just one last line she said "Women power is infinity , all we need to do is to realize it , not waste it , no one can stop us".

She knew I was crying and said, "Come , give me a hug Tara, you loved doing that "and that hug was all that i waited for .It took a long time for that feeling to sink in that I was not unwanted . It was sinking in fiercely today when I held that small fingers in my hand and when she cuddled to me as if I was her world. How could she be unwanted ?


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