Reel of Feelings ( L - Love, Loving , Loveliest) - # A to Z challenge

When I am upset , I work endlessly and after they took away Hakim Baba, I had no reason not to work. “ Is your inner voice not talking to you anymore” is what I heard from far or “ Have you decided not to hear that?” .It was him finally, how badly I wanted him next to me , I knew he was giving me time to heal but this way of staying away from me was unacceptable.” I am busy right now” I said grimly “ The new site in Valley has got approved and I would need time to spend on the design and the logistics”. “ Oh yes absolutely “ he said, “ all I am here to do is just sit and watch you , I would not speak a word “ he responded and that was the bait . I lost control, again, to find myself waking up in a totally different place. No, it was not a hospital , it was beautiful .It had the same flowery bed cover with a cushion pillow and the softest of rug over me which I dreamt of from the time I saw it as a child.

When I realized what was happening, I got panicky as I saw no one around and all my mind wanted to know was who got me here.I quickly started searching for the exit door when all of a sudden a hand covered my mouth and with all the fear in my eye I looked up to see myself staring at Tarun . Yes that’s his name . The next four days , it was just the two of us playing the role of friends, companions , couple , college students , newlyweds to name a few. There was no inhibition of emotions physically, mentally or anyways . “ How well Hakim Baba knew you” Tarun said and that was when I truly realized that for the first time in last four days I thought of Hakim Baba and before I Could feel guilty Tarun added: He told me just one day before he left us that if he goes away I should fill up your space so much LOVE that you should not have time to think about him . I asked him if that would be possible and he just said “ Give all your love that you have been wanting to give her Tarun, she deserves it and you will see how much my Tara will blossom , she will make it possible for you” . I cried for long after long knowing that even after he has gone he has made sure not to allow loneliness to creep into me ever again.

On our way ahead to the valley, I told Tarun,” I want time to stop right here and wish I could just be with you “ , He gave me that big smile and replied” You are not born to just be with me , you have greater destinations to go , deeper visions to uncover “ and added “ As I promised , I will be your journey to happiness and nothing more”. I loved him even more after he said that , just then he gave me an envelope . The signature was very familiar on the cover ,of course it was Hakim Baba’s and my joy knew no bounds. I opened it in haste to find an old sheet of paper with a faded handwriting :

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The world said no, they didn’t know that you were my world;
From the time I heard you inside me , I knew you were not a coward;
Promises had to be kept , to you and them; for I was sure they would not fathom
There you came wearing an invisible tiara , you had to shine and so your name Tara
Gave you away with trust , never left you even in my thrust
Days were in your thoughts , dusk is when you come tiny tot and the nights were for us to talk;
Your tear eyes that night , still stands sharp in my sight ;
Out you wonder why I never came , so you shine and not became lame;
All your moves age by age , I have read page by page ;
Your smile , anger and love , I want it all my little clove ;
Decides who what should we be born as , this is for all truth and farce
Stand you tall and if you turn , the universe shall be behind
In all that loving , you are yet to find.

She was there loving me all through , she stood by me in all she faced and I just gave her away from me.

Just then the car stopped , and as I wiped my eyes for one last time that day , a little girl walked up to me and said , “ So you are the one who is going to build a school for us , we have been waiting to see you from morning” . I smiled and asked her “ What’s your name sweetheart “ and she replied with a 1000 watts smile “TARA”and I said “ Oh that’s the loveliest name I know”………….


Jayanthi said…
mmm... Tara seems to have grown up to soon ...

Loved the weave of words and the poetry.

Keep going.

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