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When she waved her last good bye after the 100th hug we gave each other , was when I felt something churning inside me . It felt like a vacuum and then everything around me seemed empty. Rose ran up to me for one last time and promised that she would write a letter every week and she never broke her promise.

No one else shared the room with me , neither did I want to . I lost my interest in food , rarely played with other children , got up sweating at night with no one to put me back to sleep. That's when Hakim Baba took over a different place in my life. There were days when all he used to do is sit and talk with me maybe expecting at least a single response. A year passed before I could say I was close to being normal and so in one of our conversations I asked " Baba, You told everyone has a mother and a father so why are you finding new ones for us " . He looked up at me and explained the meaning of orphans  and mentioned that we are lucky to get 2 set of parents. I persisted along and asked him " Why did my mother never come back to pick me up , she always sang she is mine". I did not get an answer .

It was a party as usual when someone was coming to see the children, I am saying this as no one ever saw me or were not allowed to choose me . I would wander all around them and Hakim Baba would keep reminding me of one work or other. By the time I would be back, their selection would have been done. Many years later, when Naina was being going to her new house , I heard Baba requesting them to think once more about their decision and I couldn't take it anymore- I walked up to him and spoke in front of them" Baba , you have no rights to decide who should get a home or not, because of you I don't have a new home to go and will always remain an orphan. Do you have any answer for that?" . One of the few times that he did not answer again but calmly asked Ruhana to take me away. Naina did got to her new house , not the one on that day but exactly a month later , she reached her final destination where everyone of us will go . When I suddenly woke up that night, I saw Hakim Baba sitting next to me asking if I needed anything .
Image result for ignore quotesToday when I sat next to Hakim Baba reading Rose's letter and sharing my path to the happiness journey, he looked at me and said " Ask all you want to ask my child , I shall not ignore your questions any more".....


Jayanthi said…
I am warming up to the story... but i think i made the mistake of reading it upside down,topsy-turvy.

is it supposed to be that way or are these standalone sentiments ?
Ash said…
It is supposed to be that way jayanthi... the story goes pay and present and brings out one feeling deeply..
Ash said…
Sorry meant past and present
Nilanjana Bose said…
A sorrowful story, but well written. Enjoyed the read. Thanks.

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