Reel of feelings ( R - Rock it baby) - # A to Z challenge

Beyond your thoughts, deep in your eyes;
Sour you high, above the skies;
A world so lovely , big and wide;
Innocent as you, with a heart so pure and white;
Traverse my dear , reach the few;  where no one can chase you;
Race not for the sake, smile a while;
Take in the glory, dance a mile;
Destiny awaits for you my love;
Fear never, never look back ;
Light will shine for you are forever mine.

When she finished narrating this, the whole auditorium was in applause . Her eyes were constantly on us , Tarun and I . Tarun was basking in the glory of all parents asking if she was his daughter. I didn't take my eyes off the contact my angel was having and  she took the mike and said "Mama , I did what u said , Rock it baby "....


Jayantthi said…
Nice punch line at the end.

Reminds me of someone who was travelling with his parents as a young boy in a train. His parents asked him to tell when the ticket collector comes .. that if asked he should say his age was 9 since he was travelling on a half ticket.

When the TT came and actually asked the little boy he said i am actually 11 , but my parents told me to tell you i am 9 . The parents were embarassed to say the least !!!
The little boy is in his late thirties now ... :)

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