Reel of Feelings ( F- Forgiving ) - #A to Z Challenge

The first day at High school and nothing was like I had imagined . Who got me admission here , I was happy at the Orphanage school , walking for miles to see the glares others were giving you....Funny , a voice inside me never stopped talking.

I grabbed the first seat I could sight and to my horror, a tall boy sat next to me . Half way into shifting my seat, the teacher walked in and signaled us to sit . Another 10 minutes and I would have filled up a bucket , that's how much I was perspiring and the event unfolded. "Welcome your new classmate students , She is Tara coming all the way from very far", a pause and she added "You are already a born STAR , you have it in your name" . My eyes turned red and I guess I must have shouted something very bad as when I woke up , I saw Hakim Baba next to me , teary eyed saying "All is Ok now , you will not be sent to that school if you do not wish so".I understood the impact that night had on me and I realized the value of forgiving


Tamara Narayan said…
Being the only new kid in school is a horrible feeling, isn't it?
Ash said…
Thanks Tamara..Yes.. this it is.. Tara is the main character of my story who goes through all feelings from A to z:)
Jayanthi said…
Lovely , how you are weaving each day an emotion into a slowly emerging story ...
waiting for more.

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