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I knew her as "Laado"(meaning Favorite) while she was named Latha. She was born into a royal family with a heart even more royal  than any King and queen in this world. I was a primary school teacher then and was summoned by Latha's father for her education at the palace. One of my brightest student who excelled not only in her academics but in many things that a royal position demands. She was a born leader who led an army of 15 girls at that time to stand up against atrocities against Widows. Above everything, she was my inspiration . When everyone around would demand respect , she would by her ways earn respect.

The youngest of all in the family, she took the biggest step  in sacrificing herself  by taking the decision of marrying your father , all this at the age of 17 for her family. She was allowed to take just one thing from her maiden house and she chose me "her teacher". She walked up to me and said "Hakim Baba , Have I done the right thing, You always say that education is that light which can pave through any darkness ", "will you come with me , please?" and that is how I landed in this place for the first time.

Latha once again became Laado , she had to , no one could stay upset with her for long. Education is all I could give her and that was the time when I saw her in her best spirits, wanting to know more , yearning for knowledge and day dreaming about a place where education would be done for free for one and all. Five years had passed and one day she called me home and said "Baba , now it is time for you to go back , I have my focus somewhere else now" all this with not a single movement in her eyes. There was no time for any questions and I left .

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The next I spoke to her was three years later , when one night I received a call at my neighbors place and in a familiar tone she said "Baba , will you help fulfill my dream of imparting free education to all " and she added "and to help my star shine?" . I could never resist her.......

Tara madam , there is someone in the office line refusing to tell their identity but insisting to speak to you. "I want to know it all Hakim baba, don't sleep off please , I will be right back", I rushed to the phone , and said a disinterested hello .  I heard a gentle voice on the other side" Tara , I am very jealous of you today , you got back your mom - your own mom " this is Rose here.......


A powerful character, Laado - to garner respect by action is the only real way to gain it.
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Ash said…
Thanks ... yes a character which I wanted to be strong.. you validated....
Tamara Narayan said…
I love that she took her teacher with her--what a great and clever choice.

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