E for Etched in Memory - # A to Z challenge 2017

In this A to Z challenge , I am attempting very small verses of poetry for all things that are at home or office which are either showpieces or left there for its own reason. I am imagining that each of it is telling its own story !

Seven vows, when our eyes met
Felt the bliss , our love was blessed;
Walking  the aisle , with ups and downs
Young were we , learnt it with pride;
We did wander , clouds with thunder
The season of spring, memories it ring;
That little ride, that one tide
Poses we made , the passes we trade;
That innocence I feel, in this picture I see

Forever etched , someone did rightly sketch;


Ann Bennett said…
Very nice, you capture youth and early marriage quite well.

Letter E, here I come.
Hey, It's Ann visiting from A to Z So Much to Choose From and
Science Ladybug
AJ Sterkel said…
Beautiful poem! Thanks for sharing it.

Aj @ Read All The Things!
Ashwini Das said…
Thank you so much for stopping by..
Ashwini Das said…
Thank you.. Loved your post too

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