To do the right thing always has been a prayer i have been saying to myself from i dnt know when! This has , most of the times landed me in awkward situations and still my prayer never altered. Was this some kind of a behavioral diesease i am getting into ?- oh , another thing , I have a habit of connecting anything to an ailment:).

This had been a matter of concern for me until 3 days back when i came across this blog named - 'Life is too short to fold an underwear'. Though this blog was aimed at telling people that there is too little time in this world to brood over petty things , it struck me in 2 ways .

1. There is no right way to fold an underwear - so why waste time ? This is to say when a small thing like this has no right or wrong way , i cannot be right all the time as my right could be the worst way to do the same thing for some one else.

2. Life is too short to keep thinking what is the right way in every circumstance- spontaniety really helps and keeps us alive . I have personally started practicing this and it feels like heaven. It has brought the beast in me and now we are 2 different people and not one.

All i can say is it has left me being myself in all situations and not the 'right' one always :)


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