Review on the book 'Blink'

BLINK – A Review

Written by Malcolm Gladwell, BLINK gives us an insight into believing our instincts and making Snap Judgments.

BLINK takes us through a journey of various situations which then unfolds the power of thinking and mind reading.

What one can learn from BLINK?

Every decision we make is a result of attention to lot of details and analyzing the same. Do we ever come to conclusions just by believing our instincts – YES, we do but we rarely have the courage to accept the same.

This momentary decision is what BLINK asks to believe, as most of the times we come up with the same solution after carefully analyzing the same situation.

We do this day in and day out but unknowingly, otherwise why do you think at any given time we prefer a James Bond movie to a Mona Lisa?

Human Brain is one of the best gifts to Mankind. We have to develop the skills of using it in the best possible way as it is unique to each one of us.

Every situation in life (be it having a Pepsi or a Coke) is ruled by our Brain. Within us lies the skill of ‘Slicing’ which means that we can split up each situation into small different situations.

Now by using the same skill we will understand that the solution lies in one of the sliced parts and we only have to pick the right one.

One last learning which intrigued me the most was how our face is a reflection of our mind. Though all of us know one can decipher a lot by just looking at someone’s face, it is also an art to be mastered.

Though we read simple expressions, we miss out on very little things which if understood would avoid a lot of confusion in today’s world.

These points are just what struck me when I read this book; I am sure each one of you will have your own share of experiences.


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