I was traveling back home on Friday night enjoying the cool breeze– one part of my brain was very happy and looking forward to the weekend and another part of it was tired after the long week and dreaming about my bed . I started feeling envious of all the people who were inside their homes with their family and preparing to go to bed. As a human, I started complaining to myself about my situation and felt how unlucky I was.

Should I call it irony or God’s personal message that day, that he made me see another world in those few minutes of my journey?

I felt extremely small and at the same time very lucky after seeing the number of young children who were wide awake at that time of the hour. They were few who were hoping to find some left over food in the dustbins, another few who were laborers in the street side hotels- cleaning huge vessels, bearing abusive words from their owner. At that moment I wondered whether mine was indeed a very long and tiring week! There were these kids who maybe, didn’t even know where their parents were, what is meant by a 6 hours sleep or when would they get their next meal.

After that insight, my complaints have stopped about a lot of circumstances but one thing I did for sure was to sponsor education for one of my maids’ sister. Though not for thousands, I think I will start with making a difference in one life!!


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