Work Life Balance

It’s a bright sunny morning; I look out of my window from the seventh floor to enjoy the early morning. But I am distracted by too many noises. Honking cars and bikes in traffic jam are the prominent ones. Everyone seems to be running with no time.

What are we chasing??? Everyday seems to be a marathon with no time left to do many of our precious things. Our heart aches to have a day where we will give time to all that we yearn to do. Most of us spend our day in working those extra hours which may or may not benefit us. After few years when we will sit and think of these, most of us will realize that we should have had a better Work Life Balance.

Reports say that today people are prone to more illness due to this imbalance. Illnesses that are physical have medicines but those that affect us psychologically will take more than pills and a few years of our life to get cured. “Time gone is gone forever.” We can never get it back.

All WORK AND NO PLAY MAKES JHONNY A DULL BOY is not for children anymore. It’s for adults like us who have even forgotten ourselves. We need to understand that people around us will be happy only if we are happy. And to be happy we need to do small things what we like. It may be decorating the house, spending time with ourselves or being with friends. The fact that these things do affect our work can’t be ignored as well. We perform well when we are happy. Responsibilities do not end in our work premises but many more wait when we reach home, and to manage all we need to have Work Life Balance


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