Women - I salute you!

Women – an epitome of beauty, patience and intelligence. Why did I choose these 3 words to describe the masterpiece created by the almighty? Not because I am one; for me, these words equal any women in this world. Every tiny corner of this world has tried and is trying to define Women; the truth is she is beyond definition. She is in search of her own self before birth till she dies. This search helps her to mould and change herself into the numerous faces she wears throughout her lifetime.
The women of today are no different from the yesteryears; just that her surroundings have changed manifolds. Adaptability being her nature, she has given herself a new outlook. Every role that she portrays is carefully sculptured and created by her; with that comes the capability of being the best in all roles. For instance, women terrorists are equally wanted as their men counterparts - no one can say that they would cause less harm!
Every woman has a story to tell; a story that would inspire the human in you. She has the power to create an impact on this world both by her calmness and anger. She derives all her energy from within and spreads it as far as possible. This energy that she carries becomes the root of what she is made of. Everyday thousands of women are applauded for their various achievements and thousands tortured for the very fact that they are women. Shall I call this irony or fate? Lot of us has been answering such thoughts through various modes. I believe that every small step taken towards a good cause will surely get us nearer to the goal. There will be a day very soon when we would no longer need to emphasize our own qualities, voice out loudly that we are not a different species.
To all the men and women out there, remember that the almighty cannot make a mistake; so he has created women for a reason. There is no point in trying to find out the reason instead just respect the reason!


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