S for Shikara Stories - # A to Z challenge 2017

In this A to Z challenge , I am attempting very small verses of poetry for all things that are at home or office which are either showpieces or left there for its own reason. I am imagining that each of it is telling its own story !

Is there another sight ?
As beautiful as what I see in this eve's twilight;
With so much glee and teeth all white
I sway the roar with all my might ;
Colors in its infinity , in this land
Can I pack it all away with a magic wand?
Dip my hand , in the blue of blue
Swaying my way , dancing to you;
Flowers bloom in a fingers touch 
Will time not stand , standstill as such;
This little ride ," Shikara shikara"
Will be me with till the end of an era;


Radhika said…
Your poetry tiok me on a beautiful ride on the shikara. I loved it😊
Ash said…
Thank you Radhika..
Nilanjana Bose said…
The shikaras are beautiful and their story is too.

Best wishes,

Nick Wilford said…
Lovely. I imagine them going on their own enchanted voyage...
Unknown said…
Shikara a floating on the Daal lake do make for a poetic scene. Add to it the hues and colours of Mother Nature...wonderful poem... Reminded me of our ride in Shikaras just year back.
Anagha from Team MocktailMommies
Collage of Life
Beautiful! Your words took me to a new place for a while :-) Happy A-to-Z-ing.
Somehow, you made me feel the movement on the water. Lovely!
Perspectives at Life & Faith in Caneyhead

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