Q for Queen in a Box - A to Z challenge 2017

In this A to Z challenge , I am attempting very small verses of poetry for all things that are at home or office which are either showpieces or left there for its own reason. I am imagining that each of it is telling its own story !

Roses I smell, candles I see
Want thy freedom, where do I seek?
Royal is my name, New is not my fame
Can I just be , sit , relax like a lame?
Warriors so many , swords so sharp
Why am I given away in every war fought?
All things shiny , all things bright
Whom do I ask for my right?
Love is what I need , a shoulder to lock
Not to be just a Queen in a Box


Click said…
I love the imagery in this poem. :-)

Cait @ Click's Clan
Girl Who Reads said…
I like the imagery. Well done. Girl Who Reads

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